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When Should You Go To Couples Therapy?

All relationships have their ups and downs. If things feel off between you and your partner, going to couples therapy can help you sort out any issues and develop positive communication skills. So when do you know if you need couples therapy? There are a few indicators that it may be time to seek help.


What is Couples Therapy?

When Should You Go To Couples Therapy?Much like individual psychotherapy, couples counseling involves sessions with a therapist, but instead of going alone you attend sessions with your partner. Although each therapist has their own approach, these sessions are meant to be a safe environment in which you can talk through any disagreements or issues you may be facing in your relationship. Typically, couples therapy is most effective when both people are willing to attend. However, even if one person isn’t enthusiastic about going at first, they may come around once they see how therapy can benefit their relationship and personal growth.


What is Its Purpose?

Couples therapists help clients learn how to better communicate and develop healthy coping skills. Couples can also find out how to be more aware of their partner’s needs and the best ways to provide support. Although it takes a lot of commitment and effort to work through problems, therapy can ultimately strengthen your connection and give you a better understanding of your partner.


Reasons to Try Couples Therapy

Each relationship is unique, but there are some common issues that often come up for many couples, including:

Trust issues – Therapy can help couples rebuild trust when their relationship has been affected by dishonesty. Cheating and deception can cause serious damage to a relationship. A couples therapist can help you learn how to make changes that help both people in the relationship regain trust and feel more secure.

Frequent arguing – Conflict is a part of life, but when it starts becoming a daily thing it could be a sign that you need help to resolve issues that may be the underlying cause of bickering. A couples therapist can help you understand how to communicate in a more positive way and teach you how to develop healthy strategies for diffusing conflicts.

Problems with communication – Conflict is often the result of poor communication. When someone feels misunderstood, doesn’t think they’re being heard, or is conflict avoidant, lines of communication can break down and make you feel disconnected. Therapy sessions are a safe, neutral place to open up healthy lines of communication and connection.

Trauma – A health crisis, death in the family, serious financial problems and countless other issues can drive a wedge between even the most committed couples. Sometimes the weight of grief, stress, anger or other emotions is just too much to handle all at once. A therapist can help you both develop coping skills, find ways to support each other through tough times, and aid in your recovery.

Lack of emotional or physical intimacy – If you feel like the spark is gone in your relationship or your sexual connection has lost its luster, a therapist can help you figure out why this is happening and help you work to improve your connection.


Couples Therapy in Las Vegas

Regardless of whether you are secure in your relationship or have a general sense that something may be amiss, couples therapy can help you navigate difficult issues and learn to solve problems collaboratively. If you want to find a deeper connection and enhance communication with your partner, contact a therapist at Kayenta Therapy to schedule an in-person or teletherapy session.