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Issues that Healing Couples Therapy Can Help Solve

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Human relationships are complex. If you think your relationship could use a tune-up or there are specific issues that you’d like to address to find healing, couples therapy can help you sort it out and enable you to build a stronger bond with your partner. These common relationship issues can often be solved by seeking couples therapy

Issues that Can Be Addressed in Healing Couples Therapy

Poor Communication
One of the most common problems in many relationships, miscommunication can cause conflict and lead to you and your partner growing apart. Negative communication is more than just the way you talk to each other. An irritated tone of voice, avoiding eye contact and looking at your phone while having a conversation can make someone feel dismissed or disregarded.

When someone feels misunderstood or ignored, they may lash out, stop sharing their feelings, believe that they can’t trust their partner, or worry that they don’t really know the person anymore. Good communication is one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship. Couples therapy helps you both feel heard and give you the tools you need to effectively connect, communicate and understand each other better. 

Broken Trust
Whether it’s due to infidelity or deception regarding finances, broken trust can be hard to repair. Seeing a counselor together provides a neutral, safe space in which you can talk about your emotions, especially if you’re angry and feeling betrayed. If you’re having trouble rebuilding trust and want to work toward healing, couples therapy can make it easier to express your emotional needs, fears and vulnerability. Getting everything out in the open and discussing it in a productive way can help you lay a solid foundation for trust and honesty going forward. 

You’ve Experienced a Setback or Traumatic Event
Job loss, turmoil in your family, a health crisis, or other challenging events can put strain on even the best relationships. When these types of life events happen, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own emotions or grief, which can cause you and your partner to drift apart. Seeking couples therapy can help you learn how to support one another, feel more united and give you the strength you need to weather the storm of whatever may be happening in your life. 

Lack of Physical Intimacy
Sexual issues can often lead to conflict over other things and leave one partner feeling rejected. There are many different reasons couples experience sex and intimacy issues. Stress, a change in libido, emotional distance, or feeling like you’re stuck in a sexual rut can all play a part. A therapist can help you explore the thoughts and feelings that may be behind roadblocks in the bedroom. Whatever the issue may be, couples therapy can be an effective way to address these problems and find ways to get past them so you can both enjoy a fulfilling, intimate sex life. 

The healing couples therapy can provide will improve your life in more ways than one and help you and your partner find greater happiness. Contact a therapist directly or visit to schedule a session today.