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Whether you’re facing divorce, addiction or other issues, Kayenta’s network of compassionate professionals can provide the tools and resources necessary for recovery. Please understand if therapists encounter a patient whose problem requires emergency assistance, they will suggest an alternate program to address the immediate need.

If you are being threatened by acts of abuse, violence, or suicide, call 911 immediately.

While therapy is a viable solution for underlying issues of abandonment, self-esteem, and trauma, victims currently at risk for domestic abuse or suicide need specialized care and protection. The following programs exist to provide immediate safety.

Please note, while visiting some of these sites, you may see an “ESCAPE” button. It will redirect you to a neutral site if you are being approached.

1. Domestic Violence

  • SAFE NEST – Learn what constitutes domestic violence and how to get help. If you need shelter, Safe Nest operates from undisclosed locations.
  • SAFE HOUSE – A non-profit organization offering emergency shelter services along with community education and specialized counseling programs.
  • LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT – Put together a step-by-step safety plan or call to speak to a victim advocate. 702-828-2955, Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2. Abuse

  • SAFE NEST FOR INTERNET SAFETY – Abuse doesn’t always manifest itself physically. If you feel you are in a controlling online relationship, learn more about how you can protect yourself while online.
  • SAFE HOUSE FOR PARENTS – Understand how domestic violence impacts your children. Seek help if your partner is engaging in physical, mental, or verbal manipulation tactics.
  • SAFE HOUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE – Keep yourself and beloved pets safe from harm. Getting help for yourself doesn’t have to mean abandoning your animals.

3. Suicide

Please note, therapists at Kayenta are unable to provide legal counsel. If you wish to pursue legal action against an abuser or have questions about the process, consult an attorney. Nevada law students are required to do Pro Bono and public service work and may be able to provide free legal assistance. For more information, visit American Bar Association.

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