Kayenta Legacy Low-Cost Therapy

The Kayenta Legacy Program provides excellent, affordable and available therapy for only $50.00 per session. For questions call: 702-438-7800
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We are dedicated to making mental health services accessible to a wide range of people by offering low-cost therapy through our Kayenta Legacy Program.

See one of our Student Interns, with extensive education at a graduate-level. We have a diverse group of interns that come from various backgrounds. Our interns are committed to growth and learning. They work closely with a licensed and experienced AAMFT Approved Supervisor who is dedicated to fostering personal development in them while ensuring quality and excellence in their therapy sessions.

Appointments are $50. Insurance is not accepted with this program. This is a great option for those with limited financial resources or high deductible insurance plans.

The Kayenta Legacy Program covers a wide range of concerns, including Anger Management, Anxiety, Career Decisions, Child Behavior Problems, Communication Problems, Grief & Coping Skills, Depression, Parenting Skills, Relationships Issues, and Divorce Adjustment.

You Can Book Your Session Online
Kayenta offers online booking for our interns so you can schedule your appointments with ease. They don’t have a waiting list and have flexible hours that can accommodate most schedules. 



Strong, Collaborative Partnerships

This program provides strong, collaborative partnerships with student therapists that promote trust, respect and human dignity. Student therapists are not licensed to provide: Psychiatric Evaluations or Medication, Custody Evaluations or Expert Testimony for Court, Psychological Assessment/Testing, Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence, Treatment for Alcohol/Substance Abuse.

It is quick and easy to request an appointment with an intern.

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