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Kayenta Legacy Low Cost Therapy $30.00

Low Cost Therapy in Las VegasThe Kayenta Legacy Student Program offers low cost therapy in Las Vegas for only $30.00 per session. Many of the licensed therapists who established their own private practices at Kayenta are dedicated to providing opportunities to teach and train great therapists for the next generation. Our beautiful facilities in Summerlin provide an atmosphere of peace, safety and support for both the students and the clients.

The student therapists work with clients, couples and families of all ages and from various cultural, sexual, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The Kayenta Legacy Student Program covers a wide range of concerns including: Anger Management, Anxiety, Career Decisions, Child Behavior Problems, Communication Problems, Coping Skills, Depression, Grief, Parenting Skills, Relationships issues, Divorce Adjustment and many more. There is a play therapy room for children of all ages to express their creativity and work on their unspoken losses. The student therapists work with families, couples and clients of all abilities, genders and sexual orientations. There are English and Spanish language therapists. The program provides strong, collaborative partnerships with students therapists that promote trust, respect and human dignity.

Some of the few things that the student therapists cannot provide for are: Psychiatric Evaluations or Medication, Custody Evaluations or Expert Testimony for Court, Psychological Assessment/Testing, Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence, Treatment for Alcohol/Substance Abuse.

The student interns are held to the highest ethical standards, honesty, integrity and transparency in all that they do. Kayenta Therapy is site certified for five universities training Master’s Level therapists. The graduate students work closely with an independent AAMFT Approved Supervisor who is licensed and experienced with additional education and training. The Supervisor fosters personal development in the student therapist while insuring quality and excellence in the therapy sessions. This supervised clinical experience provides a capstone experience to refine and enhance the students’ professional skills and knowledge.

Cheap Therapy in Las Vegas
The Legacy Student Intern Program provides excellent, affordable and available therapy for only $30.00 per session. To find out how to schedule an appointment or if you have questions please email: or call: 702-438-7800
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