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How to Help Children with Behavior Problems Through a Divorce Parenting Class in Las Vegas

Divorce can be confusing, frustrating and frightening for adults. The uncertainty created when a marriage comes to an end often leads to tears, anger and emotional outbursts.

And it can be worse for children.

Children often can’t understand what’s happening during a divorce. All they know is the two most important people in their lives are going in opposite directions. To make matters worse for kids, they often don’t have the right coping skills to effectively express themselves–and this can lead to behavior problems. While there are certain tips you can do on your own, it’s advised to make an appointment for a divorce parenting class in Las Vegas.

Here’s a look at how divorcing parents can help their children understand what’s happening and express themselves in productive ways:

Manage your emotions

Children are incredibly perceptive. If you are struggling emotionally with the divorce, it is likely your children know. They sense the stress, feel the frustration and carry your burden with them throughout the day. That’s why it’s important you manage your emotions and model positive behavior. It’s normal to struggle with divorce, but it’s important to show your kids you know you’ll be OK.

Concentrate on consistency

Consistency is one thing your children will need more than ever after a divorce. The world they once new will change dramatically, and structure will help them make it through the change.

Set expectations. Establish new routines. Be consistent with rules and discipline.

You may feel tempted to be lax and fall prey to the “Disneyland parent” syndrome, but this doesn’t do your children any favors. They want and need consistency so they know their world is not falling apart.

Create communication

Many kids create emotional shells after their parents go through a divorce. They don’t talk; they let anger build up inside of themselves and act like everything is OK.

In most instances, everything isn’t OK. Over time, pent up questions and anger is sure to come to the surface–and it often manifests itself in behavioral problems.

Children want and need communication, so create opportunities to talk to your kids without pushing or demanding. Instead, do something fun together (like coloring with younger kids and cooking with older kids) and talk as naturally as possible about the divorce.

Be patient

It can take a long time for children to come out of their shells. But don’t lose faith. Be patient and keep trying. Over time, it’s likely your children will come around and want to talk to you about what they are feeling and thinking.

Divorced Child Counciling

Ask for help through a divorce parenting class in Las Vegas

If you have modeled good behavior, set up structure and communicated with your kids and you’re still dealing with behavioral problems, it may be time to ask for help.

A divorce parenting class in Las Vegas might be a good place to start. Kayenta Therapy Centers offers divorce parenting classes that are affordable and effective. You’ll learn to communicate, co-parent and help your children cope with the new world in which they live.

Contact Kayenta Therapy Centers today at 702-438-7800 for more information about divorce parenting classes in Las Vegas.