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What is COPE? What can I Expect?

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In the state of Nevada, parents preparing for a legal separation or divorce must attend a state-approved counseling seminar aimed at reducing the amount of trauma children experience during separations. In order to foster healthy co-parenting relationships and make parents aware of the different ways children deal with the stress of separation, COPE seminars are available throughout the state, and online for people who would rather take the course at their own pace.

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What is COPE?


COPE stands for “Counseling Options and Parent Education”. COPE classes are three-hour seminars in which parents are introduced to basic principles of co-parenting, and how to communicate effectively with children about the changes happening in their lives. Kayenta will be offering COPE classes at their location on W. Lake Mead to help parents in Nevada navigate the difficulties of separating and recognize the signs of distress in their children. The goal is to make the transition easier for all parties involved, and allow children to adjust successfully to their new living conditions in a timely manner. Parents who are separating will be required to complete an approved COPE course before the final ruling on their divorce can be completed. These classes are typically priced at $30 and taught in small groups in English or Spanish. Upon successful completion of the coursework, parents will receive a certificate which must be submitted to the court.


What to Expect


During the COPE class you will be introduced to effective communication and negotiation skills, helping you create a healthy co-parenting relationship. The goal of the class is to teach parents the need of focusing on the children during this time and continuing to support the children throughout the change, regardless of their feelings toward the other parent. Learn how to help children cope with the stress of separation, how to spot signs of distress requiring professional help, and how to properly answer questions about the separation without casting the other party in a negative light. The way you communicate with and about one another has a large impact on the way children form new relationships with each parent individually. COPE keeps children out of the crossfire and allows them more room to express their concerns in a way parents can understand and relate to. During the class there will be reading materials, discussions and exercises to show you how to handle a variety of situations relevant to separation. Please note: The material presented in class is adult information and would be too sensitive for children. Children are NOT allowed to attend the COPE classes. If you show up with your children, you will be turned away.


Parents who have been instructed to attend a COPE class are able to through Kayenta Therapy’s Nevada State approved seminar.


To learn more about COPE classes taught by Kayenta Therapy, call us at 702-438-7800. Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our COPE classes in Las Vegas.

To purchase and reserve your seat for upcoming COPE classes, please email your request to: or visit our Contact Us Page

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