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Family Therapy In Las Vegas: What to Expect

Every family faces challenges sometimes. Asking for help can seem overwhelming, but seeking family therapy in Las Vegas can help you find healthy ways to cope and improve communication. Whether you are struggling with stress, grief, anger, mental illness or other issues, working through conflict and sorting out your feelings in family therapy can also help to strengthen bonds between family members.


Why Choose Family Therapy?

Family Therapy In Las Vegas What to ExpectAlthough each person is an individual with their own personality and emotional needs, families are interconnected. One family member’s problem can have an impact on everyone. Examining family roles, patterns of behavior and specific issues that lead to conflict can also help you identify your strengths and learn new skills that you can use to deal with challenges in more productive ways.

Some members of the family may also attend individual sessions. For example, if one member of the family suffers from a mental illness or addiction, they may continue with an individualized treatment plan and their own therapist in conjunction with family therapy. Even if the person hasn’t sought treatment, family therapy can help everyone understand the impact the issue has on the family and how to deal with it.


Your First Appointment

In your first session, your family therapist will want to get to know you and may meet with each person individually, together, or both. They will ask everyone to give their perspective on what’s happening in your family. To get a better understanding of what’s going on, they might ask when the issues arose, your personal feelings about the problems and how your family has tried to cope to this point.

On average, families usually see a therapist for about 12 sessions. The frequency of your meetings and how many sessions you will attend depend on your family’s specific issues and goals. It’s important to remember that a family therapist isn’t there to blame anyone or take sides. The goal is to improve communication, reduce conflict and help you all live happier lives.


How Family Therapy Can Help

Going to family therapy in Las Vegas doesn’t mean that a problem will go away, but it can help you learn skills that enable you to deal with challenging situations in a healthier manner. Family therapy may help you:

Sometimes emotions may run high, but ultimately, family therapy can bring you closer, help everyone learn how to express themselves in an effective manner and give you the tools you need to manage issues when they arise.


Schedule Family Therapy in Las Vegas

Although family therapy can’t prevent or erase all unpleasant situations, it can help you and your family members understand each other better and help you cope in a more effective way. To schedule an in-person or teletherapy session, contact a therapist directly at Kayenta Therapy today.