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Tips from Family Therapists on Managing Work Stress and Home Life

Work-life balance is described as the ability to find harmony between the day-to-day responsibilities at work and the precious hours you spend off the clock. It’s easier said than done. A recent study revealed that up to 60 percent of all Americans have an unhealthy work-life balance, which is no way to live.

So how do you manage work stress and home life to achieve the elusive work-life balance? You can start with tips from family therapists in Las Vegas:

Set goals (but keep them manageable)

Research shows, people who are in control of their work experience less stress. One easy way to gain control over workloads and deadlines is to set reasonable and manageable goals. If you make a “to-do” list, eliminate the things that don’t matter and accomplish the things that do matter, you will be likely to experience less stress.

Make the most of your time

Procrastination is a catalyst for stress. The longer you wait to take on a task, the more insurmountable it seems in your mind.

So take on those big projects. Start by breaking them down into smaller tasks and completing each one before moving on to the next. Not only will you accomplish something, but you will spend less time worrying and stressing.


Questions, concerns and frustrations are not meant to be buried inside of you. Hold enough of them in and you just might burst like a balloon.

Instead, communicate with your colleagues, friends and family about what’s bothering you. Hearing yourself talk about a problem might help put the problem in perspective. It might also lead to finding a solution.

Unplug and recharge

There was a time around the turn of the century when people were able to unplug. Cell phones, internet access and instant messages were not ubiquitous–and that’s a good thing. Sadly, too many people never unplug or take time to recharge.

By switching things off once in a while and getting away from work, you are more likely to feel more relaxed, especially at home.

Practice self-care

Eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep and learning how to relax are critically important. Regardless of how busy you are at work or at home, you owe it to yourself to make the conscious and active choice to engage in activities that are good for you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Asking for help from a family therapist

Set your pride aside and ask for help. Talk to your supervisor, reach out to family, or seek professional support from a family therapist in Las Vegas.

Kayenta Therapy Centers has family therapists that can meet with you and help you achieve a work-life balance. Connect with Kayenta Therapy Centers today–and start experiencing the harmony you deserve. Call 702-438-7800 to learn more.