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How to Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Habits

New Year Resolutions

Everyone has a favorite New Year’s resolution. It may be the same one they make every year. What happens when the good intentions fall by the wayside? What makes it so hard to stick to a resolution? If despite your best intentions your yearly resolutions seem to disappear before Valentine’s Day, there is a way to turn those well-laid plans into habits. Start by giving yourself a break: it isn’t a lack of willpower.

Resolution to Habit

Good habits exist so we don’t have to constantly fight temptation. For example, instead of resisting eating a doughnut every morning for breakfast, form the habit of starting out your day with a healthy meal. Before you know it, it’s become routine and doughnuts don’t even cross your mind. The keys to successfully forming habits are knowledge and planning. Together, they help you build successful patterns lasting a lifetime. If you’re already thinking about your resolutions for next year, here’s how to make sure they become enduring habits.

It takes about 66 days to form a habit, so look for support wherever you can find it:

New Year’s or Bust

Changing your behavior doesn’t have to be restricted to the start of the New Year. You can get started any time. Remember, lapses are frequently part of the process. Sound like too much work? The good news is people who make New Year’s resolutions are nearly 10 times more likely to achieve their goals.

If you think something more may be holding you back, talking it out with a Las Vegas therapist can help. A therapist can help you see problems in a new way, lend emotional support, and offer the help you need to turn your New Year’s resolution into a healthy habit. Contact Kayenta Therapy Centers today to schedule an appointment or call 702-438-7800.