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Therapy in Las Vegas & These Actions Can Calm Your Child’s Anxiety About Getting Back into a School Routine

Most kids have anxiety about going back to school at one time or another. Change is hard and returning to school during a pandemic is unchartered territory for students and parents. Helping your child cope with anxiety about getting back to a school routine can help make the transition easier and let them know hey can count on you for support. If your child is experiencing anxiety that’s affecting their ability to function, finding therapy in Las Vegas can help them manage their feelings and feel more secure.

Ways to Help Ease Your Child’s Anxiety

Stay Calm & Share Your Feelings

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It’s important to stay calm, but sharing your own thoughts in a productive way can encourage your kids to open up about how they feel. Saying something like, “I’m going back to work and wondering about what it will be like makes me a little nervous. I know you might feel apprehensive about school, too. Some things will be very different, like wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. How do you feel about that?” Acknowledging your child’s feelings is also critical. Let them know you understand that school can be hard, especially if they’re virtually learning, but it will get easier and more fun.

Talk About Staying Healthy, not Getting Sick

If your child is worried about catching the virus, it’s vital to discuss their fears in a way that won’t exacerbate their anxiety. Let them know this won’t last forever, but for now, everyone has to do their part to keep themselves and others healthy. Talk about ways to stay well, like maintaining a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, and practicing social distancing at school and in other public places.

Practice at Home

If you know the safety protocols your child’s school is following, practicing them at home can help them get an idea of what to expect at school. For example, wearing a mask while watching TV together, doing art projects or playing a board game with the whole family will help your kids get comfortable with wearing a mask when it’s time to go to school. You can even turn it into a game. If you meet up with friends for a play date, ask the kids to see who can wear their mask the longest, and give them a reward.

Find Therapy in Las Vegas

If your child is having trouble sleeping, experiencing stomachaches, throwing tantrums, or withdrawing from others and activities they enjoy, it’s a good idea to seek therapy in Las Vegas with a counselor who can help them learn the skills they need to cope in these trying times. Kayenta Therapy offers teletherapy and in-person sessions. Contact a therapist at Kayenta directly to schedule an appointment.