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How Therapy Actually Works

While therapy is a unique experience for everyone, knowing what to expect can be helpful for those who are still thinking about trying a Las Vegas therapy session. Here are a few common misconceptions, along with what you can expect.

1. The Eureka Moment

Movies and TV shows often portray patients as having a sudden “aha!” moment where everything becomes clear and they are suddenly able to go about life in a new and better way.

While many people do experience breakthroughs and big realizations during a therapy session, these moments are not the end of therapy. Even with a big breakthrough, there’s still a lot of work to be done if behaviors are going to change. Plus, most breakthroughs will address a specific idea or area and won’t be a magic fix-it for all life’s problems.

2. You Need Fixing

Many people think that visiting a therapist is like visiting a medical doctor: you describe what’s troubling you, and then receive treatment to fix what’s wrong. Once treatment is complete, your illness will be banished, never to return.

Unfortunately, we all know the human mind doesn’t work that way. Everyone is different so there’s rarely a prescribed course of action that’s just right for everyone. Instead, your therapy sessions will help you uncover strengths you can use and new skills you can apply to face life’s challenges.

You might benefit from trying new approaches and learning your strengths so you can achieve more. Visiting your therapist often is the best way to reach your goals.

3. The Iconic Couch

Another takeaway from television and films is that there’s always a couch and you have to lie down on it. Your session does not have to consist of you facing away from the therapist and describing your entire childhood to discover what’s going wrong now.

There may be a couch but there’s probably also chairs. The point is for you to be comfortable. Gone are the days where every adult decision and interaction stems from your childhood relationship with your mother. Today’s therapists are far more focused on making each day better.

4. How Does That Make You Feel?

Don’t worry. This question is not going to follow every statement you make during your therapy sessions. Your therapist cares far more about finding actionable solutions to what’s difficult for you. Of course, your feelings matter a great deal and if you need to talk about them, please do! But if you prefer to stick to making plans and acquiring tools, that’s good too.

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