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How Relationship Counseling in Las Vegas will help you Set Expectations for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those days when some people form high expectations, which later result in disappointment or sadness if the day didn’t play out as they anticipated. When a fairytale idea of a Disney-style day turns into a day like any other, the couple is susceptible to resentment and anger that could damage the fiber of the relationship.

This is why setting expectations by way of relationship counseling in Las Vegas is so important as the new year gets underway.

An Interesting Perspective

Facebook’s 2010 study of status changes post-Valentine’s Day offers an interesting look into this February 14th phenomenon. According to the data, Valentine’s Day contributed to a major spike in status changes to “single,” which, one could easily argue, is directly related to the holiday at hand.

Valentine’s Day can bring a lot of undue stress onto a couple. Remember, you love your partner and he or she loves you, too. You don’t need a Hallmark holiday to celebrate your love for one another. Often, there are differences in expectations and insecurities that are underlying, and these variances usually surface in the most untimely circumstances, causing a day intended for celebration to turn into an unhappy experience.

Setting Expectations for Valentine’s Day


Communication is the key to any successful relationship. By talking about your expectations ahead of time, you’ll help dispel unanticipated angst when the holiday rolls around.

Alleviate the pressure by talking to each other about what you want, and how much you’re able to afford ahead of time. If communication is something you struggle with, relationship counseling in Las Vegas can facilitate fruitful conversations.

Level-Set Expectations

People with unlimited budgets can sail around the world on a yacht filled with roses, but is this your reality?

Valentine’s Day is a day when you should celebrate your relationship in whatever way works best for the two of you. You’re allowed to want more than a Hallmark card, but will a hand-written note work for you if your household is tight on cash?

Talk about what type of Valentine’s Day you’d like to have, then re-hash your dreams with reality so you can find common ground before the day arrives. There’s still plenty of room for creative surprises.

Don’t Put Pressure on Your Partner

Things come up. If your plans are displaced, schedule another date night on the calendar in lieu of February 14th. Your flexibility will mean a lot to your other half, and Valentine’s Day is just a date on the calendar, after all.

Relationship Counseling in Las Vegas through Kayenta

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