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Realistic Ways to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Many people make New Year’s resolutions, but have trouble sticking to them. A positive attitude and determination will help you make your goals a reality. Below are five effective practices that will enable you to achieve your resolutions this new year.

How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Therapy Can Help You Combat Anxiety and Achieve Your Goals This New Year

  1. Be realistic and honest with your capabilities. The first step to sticking with your resolutions is to know which goals you can realistically reach to avoid getting quickly discouraged. Examine your overall goals and determine what steps you need to take to achieve them, and how long it will reasonably take to do so.
  2. Set specific, measurable goals. One of the most effective ways to stay focused on your goal is to be able to track the progress you’ve made. For example, many people make resolutions to lose weight. If the overall goal is to lose 20 pounds, break it down into 5-pound increments. You can measure how far you’ve come since you started and have a clearer idea of what you must do to fully achieve the goal.
  3. Start with small goals you can focus on one at a time. If you set multiple goals, try to accomplish the smallest ones first to build momentum. For instance, before setting a goal to lose 20 pounds, set a goal to exercise once or twice a week. When you meet that goal, you can then set a goal of losing 5 pounds while keeping your exercise routine.
  4. Understand it’s okay to get discouraged at times. Achieving your goals will take time, and it’s natural to get discouraged now and then. The important thing is to not let those feelings of discouragement keep you from moving forward. Use dissatisfaction as motivation to keep pushing yourself.
  5. Let others help and support your resolutions. You don’t have to try to reach your goals alone. Build a support system that will motivate and encourage you to stick with your resolutions. Involving other people keeps you accountable and makes it more difficult for you to give up.

The Importance of Support & Motivation When Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the goals you’ve set for yourself, therapy can be a beneficial outlet. Speaking with a therapist will give you the tools you need to overcome these feelings of doubt or anxiety. Contact a therapist at Kayenta to schedule a session.