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Las Vegas Counseling Center Kayenta Therapy makes it easy to reach out

Maybe this sounds like you – or someone close to you: You would like to talk with a therapist but aren’t sure how to get started and worry about how much the counseling sessions will cost. So instead of reaching out for help, you remain stuck.

In fact, these two fears prevent many people from pursuing counseling, according to the mental health experts at Psych Central: “Therapy may seem like a strange, foreign land to someone who’s never been,” the source quotes Ryan Howes, a professor and clinical psychologist in Pasadena, in its “World of Psychology” series. While admitting therapy can be costly, Howes says people can find affordable treatment options if they look in the right places.

Kayenta Therapy is one of those places. As the largest private practice Las Vegas counseling center, Kayenta Therapy does far more than anticipate such fears; it addresses them head-on by offering a convenient and straightforward therapist search function and $40 sessions with graduate student therapists.

The therapists at Kayenta understand there are few things in life more frustrating than wanting (and needing) counseling but not pursuing it. And this is precisely why they make it so easy to reach out.

Search among the best from our Las Vegas counseling center

Our premier Las Vegas counseling center demystifies the process of finding a therapist with its quick and easy search option. All you have to do is fill in three data fields to come up with a potential therapist (or therapists):

If you’ve been referred to Kayenta and already know a therapist’s name, you can click on that name and be directed to the therapist’s bio. More than 100 therapists have their practice at Kayenta – virtually assuring you will find a therapist who is a good fit for you.

Consider graduate student therapists at our Las Vegas counseling center

The Kayenta Legacy Program underscores our commitment to graduate student education and affordable counseling services. Graduate students from five universities work under the direction of a licensed and experienced supervisor to offer therapy sessions for only $40.

In the world of graduate school, this is known as the “capstone experience” – a culminating clinical experience that rounds out graduate students’ classroom education right before they graduate and embark on a career in counseling. It is similar to a residency that future physicians fulfill at a hospital before graduating from medical school.

The graduate students’ schooling has prepared them well to address a variety of issues in counseling sessions, including anger management, anxiety, career decisions, child behavior problems, communication problems, coping skills, depression, divorce adjustment, grief, parenting skills, relationships issues and many more.

The licensed and graduate student therapists at Kayenta Therapy are united in purpose: They believe people possess the power to change. The therapists offer sensitive and compassionate guidance so that people can find the tools to foster such change – and, in the process, change their lives for the better.

To reach out for the guidance you want and need, call our Las Vegas counseling center today at 702-438-7800 to schedule an appointment.