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Is Divorce Ever Recommended in Couples’ Therapy?

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Many people seek couples’ therapy when their marriage isn’t working. While therapists can help couples improve their communication skills and become more attuned to each other’s needs, most therapists let individuals come to their own conclusions when it comes to the issue of divorce. 

When Couples Ask About Divorce

Even when clients ask their therapist if divorce is the best solution, therapists typically remind them only they can make the decision. Often, a therapist will ask questions instead, encouraging the couple to delve more deeply into their feelings, wants, needs, and interpersonal issues. 

What if It’s an Abusive Relationship?

A therapist has an ethical responsibility to try and help a victim of abuse stay safe. Therapists often help victims of domestic violence find the resources they need to make the separation from their spouses as safe as possible. If someone in couples’ therapy is being physically abused or is in danger of physical harm if they stay in their relationship, a therapist may recommend they split up after these resources are in place. 

What if a Couple Has Already Decided to Divorce?

It’s becoming more and more common for people to seek couples’ therapy to help them end their marriage in a civil manner, especially when children are involved. A good therapist can help a couple separate in a healthy way and envision what their relationship will look like after they part ways. Talking it out with a therapist can make it easier to find closure when a relationship is ending. In addition, a therapist can assist a couple with creating an effective co-parenting plan. Simply put, couples’ therapy can help make the ending of a relationship a more positive experience for everyone involved.

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