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How Teletherapy Can Help Children with Special Needs During COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus, most schools, businesses and mental health facilities have been closed for months. For children with special needs, disruptions in their schedule can seriously affect their progress and take a toll on the whole family. Teletherapy is just one way many families are helping their children get the assistance they need.

Ways Teletherapy Can Help Your Special Needs Child

It Provides Support for Parents & Caregivers

Therapists who provide counseling for children with special needs are working closely with parents, educators and other professionals, such as speech therapists, occupational therapists and others. Although it may take a while for kids to get used to sessions via teletherapy, the benefits it provides are worth it. Many parents and caregivers have had to step into the roles of therapist and teacher. Teletherapy helps them engage with their children and learn new strategies for adhering to their child’s therapy plan and IEP during this challenging time.

Teletherapy Provides Consistency & Continuity

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For children with conditions like autism, consistency is critical to keep them on track emotionally, behaviorally, socially, and academically. Teletherapy can prevent regression and help children with special needs keep progressing and learning new skills. For example, if a child has been learning coping and communication techniques through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), it’s important for them to see their therapist regularly. Even though they’re at home, teletherapy can help them keep developing their communication, social, life, and learning skills.

It Can Help with Anxiety

Children with special needs often experience anxiety when their regular schedules and activities are thrown out of whack. They may not understand why they can’t go to school, see friends or visit their therapist. Seeing a therapist remotely can help to assuage their fears and help parents understand how to help their children deal with anxiety.

It Can Keep Families from Feeling Isolated

Many families with special needs kids struggle to connect with others and get the help they need. One benefit of teletherapy is that it can allow children in more rural areas to get treatment more conveniently and frequently. Children who are adept at using computers and other technology may also respond better to teletherapy, as they feel more comfortable communicating through a screen than face-to-face.

Learn More About Teletherapy for Special Needs Kids

Teletherapy can help your child and family stay connected and provides much-needed support during these unpredictable times. For more information or to make an appointment, contact a therapist at Kayenta today.