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Helping Children Cope With Divorce

Divorce Therapy

“What are we going to tell the kids?”

For couples going through a divorce, no question is more important to answer. Unfortunately, answers aren’t always easy to find.

Children are often more affected by divorce than their parents. It can be incredibly stressful, confusing and heartbreaking for kids. It can cause detachment from friends and family, and the affects can last a lifetime-unless children get help and support from a therapist in Las Vegas.

Here’s a look at how you can help your children cope with divorce:

Communicate With Your Kids

Open, honest and measured communication will be critical to your kids’ ability to understand and cope with the divorce. This means:

Cooperate With One Another

Your kids are going to feel like their world is spinning out of control. This can escalate if their parents aren’t cooperating with one another. You can help your kids feel secure by:

Listen and Reassure

Even if you communicate and cooperate, your children are likely to have questions, concerns and comments of their own-and you might not always like what they have to say. Encourage your children to share their feelings and emotions by:

Care for Yourself

When you are physically healthy and emotionally present, you are better positioned to help your kids cope with the divorce. Make sure to care for yourself by:

Contact a Therapist in Las Vegas

If you are going through a divorce and wonder what you are going to tell the kids, contact a therapist at Kayenta Therapy directly to set up an appointment, and discuss your options with him or her.