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How Family Therapy in Las Vegas Can Adjust Your Expectations for the Holidays

Christmas Home

An absolutely symmetrical tree adorned with elegant decorations and twinkling lights. Gifts–each perfect for its recipient–wrapped with precision. Smiling family members breaking bread, sharing hugs and happy to see one another. A light dusting of snow on Christmas morning followed by New Year’s resolutions.

For many, these are the elements of an ideal holiday season. Sadly, their expectations are likely too high. No tree is symmetrical, decorations break, lights burn out, sometimes you get the wrong gift, families fight and it almost never snows in Las Vegas–even in December.

But sometimes New Year’s resolutions are realized, and this year you should resolve to adjust your expectations. From setting budgets to accepting flaws to seeking family therapy in Las Vegas, here’s a look at how you can adjust your expectations for the holidays:

Begin with a budget

Money–or a lack of it–can cause stress, anxiety and even feelings of inadequacy. Gifts, food, travel and holiday incidentals add up quickly–especially if you are focused on making everything perfect. Instead, set a holiday budget and let it guide your expectations.

Knowing how much you can spend will automatically set your financial expectations.

Ignore the ideals

It’s easy to fall in love with a “Hallmark holiday,” especially when every commercial features a picture-perfect family enjoying another ideal holiday. In reality, however, perfection is not obtainable–especially when it includes three inches of fluffy white snow on Christmas day in Las Vegas.

Ignore the idealistic notions of what holidays are supposed to be and focus instead on staying true to your family traditions.

Accept your family’s flaws

You know how your Mom is always an hour late? Yeah, that’s not going to change this year–and that’s OK. Identifying and accepting your family members’ lifelong habits, predispositions and, flaws, is a lot easier and less stressful than expecting them to change–even if the family dinner is at your house this year.

Communicate clearly

Sometimes it’s not your expectations that lead to stress and anxiety. Sometimes it’s your assumptions about what others expect from you.

You want to get the perfect gift for a loved one but have no idea what the perfect gift might be. You assume everyone expects a formal dinner. You think friends flying in from out of state expect to stay with you.

These assumptions go hand in hand with high expectations–expectations that might not even be in line with what others want, need or expect.

So why not communicate with your friends and family? Ask what people would like for gifts. Include your guests in the dinner planning. Find out what accommodations your friends want and need. Communicating clearly will help you keep expectations in line with reality.

Seek out a helping hand with family therapy in Las Vegas

Sometimes people need a little professional help in the form of family therapy in Las Vegas to make it through the holidays. Kayenta Therapy Centers offers low cost family therapy in Las Vegas. Contact Kayenta Therapy Centers today at 702-438-7800 for help with holiday expectations and stress.