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Family Therapists in Las Vegas Help Navigate Parenting Plan Changes

Parents with Child - Divorce

As if you and your children didn’t go through enough disturbance as you navigated separation, divorce and a parenting plan. Now you’re bracing to enter unchartered territory: negotiating changes to your parenting plan.

There are good reasons to make changes, especially if you and your ex-spouse are united in the goal of placing the needs and interests of your children first. But this doesn’t make the prospect of navigating the process any easier.

What can make it easier, for you and your children, is seeking assistance from an experienced family therapist in Las Vegas at Kayenta Therapy. We can help calm fears, lower anxiety, reduce conflict and otherwise serve as a compassionate sounding board for any of the very human emotions divorce — and post-divorce life — triggers.

Watch for signs your children may need a family therapist in Las Vegas

Having already gone through a separation and divorce, you probably have a good idea as to when your children may be troubled by the events swirling around them – no matter how valiant your efforts to insulate them from the most confidential details of your parenting plan. Trust your gut instinct, and if it tells you to make an appointment with a family therapist in Las Vegas at Kayenta, don’t hesitate to do so. Otherwise, be alert for these telltale signs of stress in your children:

Heed the signs you may need a family therapist in Las Vegas

As you review this list, you might see a mirror into your own feelings. A Kayenta family therapist can also help if you’re:

A family therapist in Las Vegas can steer you to calmer waters

As a proud member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the counselors at Kayenta Therapy agree that “family therapists can assist in the process of redefining relationships and addressing family members’ responsibilities and needs” during and after divorce. Specifically, we can defuse tensions during this pivotal time by helping you and your children:

This last point is key because at Kayenta, we know every family and every parenting plan is different. This is why we ask you to set the agenda – the “talking points,” if you will. We’ll guide the way to a calmer, more peaceful and happier life with your new parenting plan. Schedule an appointment with a family therapist in Las Vegas at Kayenta by calling 702-438-7800.