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Don’t Let These Therapy Myths Keep You from Visiting a Counseling Center

Therapy offers a wide range of benefits. It is a great way to help people deal with their problems and emotions. Yet, so many people avoid therapy due to misconceptions they have about what it’s really like. At Kayenta Therapy, we believe in the power of change and want to help break down these social stigmas. Here are three of the most common therapy myths we hear at our counseling center in Las Vegas and why you shouldn’t believe them:

3 Common Myths about Visiting a Counseling Center in Las Vegas

Myth #1: If I go to therapy, I am crazy or weak.

Going to therapy is not a sign of weakness or mental instability. In fact, most people who attend therapy sessions are just the opposite. Life can be very challenging; everyone goes through difficult times. There is nothing wrong with asking for help in dealing with these situations.

Recognizing your needs and limitations is a sign of strength, not weakness. Therapy can help you gain a new perspective. New insight into your struggles can help you process your own emotions about the circumstances.

Myth #2: Therapy is an expensive, ongoing commitment.

Going to therapy is not a promise to continue the sessions for the rest of your life. Although some people may benefit from attending therapy long-term, many will reap tremendous benefits from just a few sessions.

Another common concern is the financial commitment. At Kayenta Therapy, we offer low cost therapy options to help people stay within budget. Some healthcare insurance plans provide therapy coverage as well.

Myth #3: I cannot see a marriage counselor if my partner and I aren’t married.

A marriage counselor works with all different types of couples – from dating to divorce. They will even work with non-romantic couples who are experiencing problems in their relationships, such as parents and children or close friends. Marriage counselors are there to help two people better understand and connect with one another, regardless of their marital status. Couples therapy can also be beneficial to happy couples who aren’t experiencing any major issues, as it provides a guidepost to keep their relationship on the right track.

Stop letting these myths keep you from attending therapy. Kayenta Therapy is the largest private counseling center in Las Vegas. For over 10 years, we’ve been helping people acquire the tools for change that will help them find greater growth and joy. For more information and to schedule a session, contact us today at 702-438-7800.