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Connecting with Others During the Continued Pandemic

Staying connected with loved ones is more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted much longer than expected and many people feel isolated from friends, family and the world around them. Maintaining relationships is vital for mental health, but during these tough times it can be challenging to keep up the connections that help to sustain our physical and emotional well-being. Seeking therapy and trying these tips for fostering and maintaining relationships can help you cope with feelings of isolation and keep in touch:

Writing a letter to let someone know how much you love and appreciate them will not only make them feel valued, it can give you a sense of happiness. Almost everyone gets emails every day – an email is not a substitute for putting pen to paper. It’s also nice to receive correspondence that isn’t junk mail or bills. Whether it’s a parent, cousin, teacher, or someone else who has positively impacted your life, receiving something like this in the mail will put a smile on their face and can strengthen your connection.

Although Zoom and other videoconference platforms are a convenient way to make virtual face-to-face connections, they’re not for everyone. After a year of Zoom happy hours and family get-togethers, not to mention using it for work, many people are burned out. Picking up the phone provides a way to connect without pressure. Hearing a familiar voice can be just as satisfying as seeing a loved one’s face on a Zoom call. Even if you keep in touch with someone via text or social media, nothing can replace the connection you make with a good old-fashioned phone call.

Casual interactions like talking to someone in line at the grocery store or chatting with a neighbor you bump into outside can provide much-needed social contact and lift your spirits. Although these conversations may seem innocuous, they offer something all humans need – each other. Even a smile and a quick hello can make someone’s day and give your mood a boost.

Meeting up with a friend or family member at a local park or even in your neighborhood is a safe way to catch up and get some exercise as long as you practice COVID-19 safety protocols. In Las Vegas, we’re fortunate to enjoy fairly mild weather year-round. Getting some sun on your face, moving your body and connecting with a loved one in this way can help stave off depression and anxiety. It’s great for your physical health, too.

If you’re finding hard to connect with others, a therapist can help you sort out your feelings, learn ways to be more social and cope with loneliness during the pandemic. If you’re uncomfortable with going to an in-office therapy session, telehealth appointments via video are more accessible than ever. Therapy can also help you find tools and techniques to implement in your everyday life that can help you become happier and more grounded.

If you’re feeling isolated and need to find ways to make connections with the ones you love, our therapists at Kayenta can help. Contact a therapist directly to schedule an in-person or teletherapy session.