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Child Therapy in Las Vegas Can Help Children Transition Back into School

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Getting back into the groove of going to school can be challenging in the best of times. During the coronavirus pandemic, easing into the school year may seem overwhelming for both parents and kids. With so much uncertainty surrounding different areas of life, children may feel anxious or unsure about what to expect after the first week of school, so it’s important to keep an eye on their mental health and overall well-being. If your child is having a difficult time coping, child therapy in Las Vegas can help them understand their feelings and how to deal with them. Whether your child has physically returned to school or is participating in distance learning, aiding them with the transition can help them get off to a good start. 

Change Sleep Schedules Gradually
Going from the lazy days of summer to the more regimented schedule of the school year can be hard on everyone, especially if you’re not getting enough sleep. If your kids stay up later and enjoy leisurely mornings in the summer, it’s vital to begin pushing back bedtimes. Getting your family’s sleep schedule back on track can lead to less chaos and put everyone in a better mood in the mornings. Regardless of your child’s age, start moving bedtime by 20 – 30 minutes each night. Adolescents and teenagers need plenty of sleep, too. 

If you’ve fallen out of them over the summer, get back into rituals like reading books or taking a bath before bed. Turn off all screens at least an hour or two before hitting the hay. The light from the TV, smartphone, computer, or tablet stimulates the brain, making it harder to wind down and fall asleep. This is a good idea for the adults in the house, too. 

Follow a Schedule
It’s easy to be lax with regular wake-up and mealtimes during the summer. If you’re homeschooling this school year, start waking your kids up at the same time every day and setting regular times for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. In addition, making the day more structured can help your kids ease into the rigid schedule of school. For example, do arts or crafts projects at 10 am, have lunch and clean up, then maybe have an hour of quiet time in which they read or nap. Preparing meals and snacks together and providing organized activities for your kids can help make the transition into the school year run more smoothly. If your child hasn’t seen their friends in a while, making (socially distant) play dates before the school year begins can help them reconnect as well. 

Contact Their Teachers
If your child is distance learning, stay in regular contact with your child’s teacher to ensure your child is learning valuable lessons essential for their personal growth. Ask what you can do as a parent to help you child prepare for the rest of the school year. If your child is having a hard time, make sure to let their teachers know so you can discuss ways you can all help to make things easier.

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If your child is resistant or overly anxious about getting back into a school routine, seeing a child therapist in Las Vegas can help. Kayenta Therapy offers in-office and teletherapy services to clients of all ages. To get started, contact a therapist at Kayenta today.