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Does Your Child Need Therapy?

Sometimes, it’s tough to tell whether your child is experiencing normal growing pains or if he or she is struggling with emotional or mental issues that require the help of a professional. Children experience anxiety, depression, mood changes, and feelings of loneliness just like adults do, but it’s often hard for them to understand and express. If your child is struggling, the earlier you seek therapy, the easier it is to empower them with the tools so they’ll feel safe, secure and content.

Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

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If you’re unsure whether your child may benefit from therapy, identifying certain warning signs and risk factors can help you make a decision about getting counseling for your child. Children who are struggling with mental and emotional issues often exhibit the following warning signs and symptoms:

What Do Child Therapists Do?

Child therapists are specially trained and licensed to work with children facing all types of issues. Therapists tailor treatment to each child’s specific needs – age, developmental level, personality, and physical or behavioral issues are all taken into account when developing a treatment plan. Depending on your child’s issues and needs, a therapist may employ a combination of talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, and group therapy to help your child. Although each of these methods can be effective, therapists often begin with talk therapy to build trust, develop a connection and get a deeper understanding of how a child is feeling. A child therapist will meet with you periodically to discuss your child’s issues and treatment.

When to Seek Therapy for Your Child

If your child is experiencing one of more of the symptoms listed above for a prolonged period of time, it may be time to seek therapy. Major events, such as divorce, death and other life-changing transitions, can have an impact on children’s mental health and overall well-being. Taking a proactive approach and finding therapy that works best for your child can help to ensure problems are addressed and treated, so they can lead a happy, healthy, productive life.

Therapists at Kayenta offer child therapy that gives children and parents the tools they need to thrive and succeed. Contact a therapist at Kayenta Therapy to schedule an appointment today.