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Can I Attend Couples Therapy at a Family Therapy Center Without My Partner?

Many couples flounder in troubled marriages for too long. By the time they finally agree to seek help together, the relationship is already so far gone that they need intensive therapy to revive their marriage. Often, the reasons couples wait so long before seeking help is they believe they have to go to therapy together. Our Las Vegas family therapy center has seen this scenario many times, and as long as at least one partner in the marriage is ready to take a step forward, couples therapy can be successful.

Couples Therapy: Going It Alone at a Family Therapy Center

Find a Marriage Counselor at Our Las Vegas Family Therapy Center

So, your partner refuses to see a marriage counselor? While this can be frustrating, the good news is you can still go, and by doing so, you can start improving the state of your relationship. Couples therapy is really about learning how to successfully interact and navigate relationships.

At our Las Vegas family therapy center, therapists will assist you in improving your conflict management and communication skills. During the process, you’ll learn how to identify the negative patterns in the way people interact, how to recognize your own role in those patterns and learn how you can change your reaction to improve how you approach situations and conflict. While it is best that both partners learn these skills together, when you increase your own abilities in this area, you will ultimately improve the quality of your relationship.

Have you ever heard the aphorism, “A rising tide lifts all boats”? It’s a saying generally reserved for politics and economic matters, yet, it also pertains strongly to interpersonal relationships. The idea here is that improvement in one part (or one person) of the relationship can improve all other aspects of the relationship. This is because the nature of a relationship is defined by two people’s actions and reactions toward each other. If one person learns how to stop acting and reacting in anger and, instead, acts and reacts in a more positive manner, the positive energy gets shared and both partners benefit.

If you begin couples therapy as an individual and your partner agrees to join you after several sessions, then you may consider seeing a different counselor for joint sessions so your partner feels comfortable. Our Las Vegas family therapy center is here to help you and your family succeed and are dedicated to providing you with the best resources and skills you need to do so. If you’re ready to get started, contact Kayenta Therapy at 702-438-7800 today!