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Benefits of Telecounseling in Las Vegas

Traditionally, seeing a therapist required you to schedule an appointment, dress up and get on the road to fight traffic. It’s even worse if you have to wait in a queue. Nearly every aspect of this model hindered access to therapy for those battling depression or any other mental health issue and running hectic schedules. But as technology advances, innovation is rapidly changing the healthcare landscape and telecounseling is becoming easily accessible to all.


Today, therapy is more affordable and accessible for those in rural and urban areas alike. Thanks to telecounseling. Telecounseling is a modern way of using technology to administer therapy remotely through secured platforms, including video conferencing and ongoing direct messaging.

Teletherapy can ensue in real-time in which the counselor interacts with the client or assume a delayed-time format like email messaging where the client replies later. Although telehealth has always been in the pipeline, the adoption rates skyrocketed when Covid-19 struck, and physical interaction restrictions were instituted. But it is the merits of telecounseling that will keep this mode of psychotherapy around.


Minimal barriers to entry

Nailing the initial appointment is the biggest challenge facing therapists worldwide. Statistics show that most clients attend the first counseling session and never return. While theories offer varying explanations for such statistics, experience during the first visit is the major contributor. Struggling to locate the therapist’s office, sitting anxiously counting down the time and waiting for your turn can be frustrating even for the healthy; how much more for the unwell?

Instead of all these struggles, telecounseling allows you to receive care from the comfort of your home. No need to dress up and sit waiting in the queue. You can make yourself as comfortable as you want, whether by having your special mug by your side or lying in your cozy couch during the session. With teletherapy, nothing hinders you from starting therapy and opening up.


Efficiency and productivity

Time is precious, and clients want to save every minute. However, scheduling an in-office appointment means the client has to postpone or cancel some of their activities. Plus, much time might be wasted during the commute or between sessions. Clients can also be overly tense when they arrive late for sessions, reducing the productivity of each session. Telecounseling helps save time, which the therapists or clients can use to develop themselves further.



Sometimes, clients might be overworked and even miss therapy sessions. Rescheduling the missed sessions can be hectic or impossible with traditional in-office appointments. Telecounseling grants maximal flexibility as meetings can be scheduled depending on the prevailing circumstances. For instance, most high-achieving individuals on the verge of mental breakdown tend to have the least time for other activities, including doctor appointments, which they need most. With teletherapy, you can reschedule and integrate emergency sessions for such individuals without disrupting service provision severely.



Telecounseling provides equal access to health services to all community members, including those with disabilities or living in remote areas. Even college students who do not prefer the services of swamped college counseling centers can still receive treatment from their preferred therapist via telecounseling.


Get the Help You Need

Although much needs to be done before therapy becomes fully virtual, telecounseling promises numerous advantages over traditional in-office appointments. Teletherapy opens up a new frontier in healthcare with greater flexibility, efficiency and accessibility. Instead of cancelling your activities to see a counselor miles away, you can schedule an appointment with a teletherapist and save time. Reach out to Kayenta Therapy today and schedule your teletherapy session today!