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Video Game Addiction: How Therapy in Las Vegas Can Help

Video game addiction is a behavioral disorder involving problematic gaming habits that have a negative impact on a person’s ability to function and take care of social, personal, educational, and work-related responsibilities. If excessive gaming is disrupting your life, seeking therapy in Las Vegas can help you learn how to change your behavior and improve your mental health.

Symptoms of Video Game Addiction

Although it’s great to have a hobby you enjoy, when it starts getting in the way of other important things in your life it may be time to consider cutting back. It can be tough to see your issues – this list of symptoms can help you identify whether you may have a problem with excessive gaming.

If you’re a parent who’s concerned about your child’s gaming habits, take a look at how they’re doing in school, their relationships with friends, and whether they’re having any problems at home. If you notice a few of these symptoms in your child, you may want to talk to them about seeking therapy.

Getting Help for a Gaming Addiction

Although video games have been around for decades, treatment for gaming addiction is in its early stages. Studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be effective in addressing address related to video games and internet addiction. Talk therapy, lifestyle changes, and support from family and friends are also important aspects of overcoming any addiction.

Therapy can help you address the problematic behavior by exploring the motivations and reasons for your use of video games. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on how your thoughts and beliefs directly affect your feelings and behaviors. Your therapist can help you learn how to use CBT to modify your actions and behaviors by changing your thoughts and feelings about gaming.

For example, if you believe gaming delivers a more positive result than another behavior, such as working out, you’ll likely choose to game every time. By adjusting the way you think about these activities and outcomes, you can change your actions, which can help you choose healthier behaviors and break the pattern of excessive gaming. CBT also helps you identify self-defeating or negative thoughts and learn new ways to cope to make choices that enhance your mental health.

Mindfulness exercises can also be an effective tool for overcoming video game addiction. Becoming more aware of your inner experiences and how they affect your behavior can increase your mental flexibility and help you address the emotional difficulties that drive your addiction.

Therapy for Video Game Addiction in Las Vegas

It’s also important to remember that gaming addiction isn’t a moral failing. These games are designed to make you want to keep playing. It’s believed that playing video games can produce high amounts of dopamine, the same neurochemical associated with substance use disorders. If you’re suffering from video game addiction, don’t beat yourself up – taking steps to get the help you need can put you back on track and live a healthier, happier life.

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