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How to Spot Behavioral Issues in Children after a Divorce, with Family Therapy in Las Vegas

Child Divorce Counseling

Divorce is usually painful for the couple. Often the split up of a family is particularly devastating to the children. Kids whose parents are in the process of separating or who are divorced have a tendency to react poorly and may demonstrate poor disciplinary behavior. Family therapy in Las Vegas through Kayenta is a great tool to find balance in a divorce.

How Kids React to Divorce

Kids go through similar steps as their parents when they deal with a divorce. To help your child, you should start by trying to determine where they are in the process of coming to terms with the new familial dynamic.

Denial occurs when a child refuses to accept the fact their parents are getting or are now divorced. At this stage, kids may resist by:

Anger is the second stage of the process when kids show signs of harmful behavior. You can identify these signs when kids are:

Bargaining is when a child tries to get their parents to reconcile a marriage by:

Depression sets in when a child discovers they cannot stop their parents from splitting up. Signs of depression include:

Acceptance is the last stage in the process and when kids start to feel comfortable with their new life.

Stop Feeling Guilty

Helping your child overcome behavior issues which stem from your divorce is difficult. To make matters worse, you may feel your child’s bad behavior is your fault. It is not. Studies show while children may experience issues after a divorce, these problems are less severe than when parents remain in a bad marriage “for the sake of the kids.”

Start the Healing Process

As a mother or father, there is nothing more precious than your child. While it’s unrealistic to think your divorce will not affect your kids, you can decrease behavioral issues by:

Take the Next Step with family therapy in Las Vegas

It’s difficult to help your child alone. Kayenta Therapy Centers offers family therapy Las Vegas residents can depend upon. Find out more by calling 702-438-7800 to speak with a professional family therapist and to schedule an appointment today.