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Handling Your Child’s Boredom Constructively and How Family Therapy Can Help You Communicate

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In the age of technology, more and more people, especially children, are used to occupying their minds constantly, whether it’s with video games, scrolling through social media, surfing the internet, or watching TV. Although these things aren’t bad in moderation, there’s something to be said for sitting with a quiet mind, playing, creating, and using your imagination, which are vital to the healthy development of any child. 

However, there’s no getting around the fact that sometimes communication can be tough, so if you’re having issues with your child refusing to stop playing video games or hounding you about being bored, family therapy is an option that can help. 

Boredom Isn’t a Bad Thing

Boredom is good for kids (and adults!). It spurs the imagination and forces them to engage with themselves, which allows creativity and self-reflection to flourish in a positive way. When you provide an endless supply of attention, you’re actually keeping your children from developing important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Imagination and creativity lead to innovation and better problem-solving skills.

Allowing your child to be bored also helps them realize spending time alone and getting to know yourself isn’t a bad thing. Although social contact is a vital part of the human experience, so is learning to be comfortable with yourself. Children need “me” time, too. Letting them spend time using their own skills and ideas to self-regulate is a gift you can give them that will help them become well-rounded adults. Family therapy can also give your child the tools they need to help build self-confidence and be comfortable in their own skin.  

Things to Do When Your Child Says “I’m Bored”

If your child comes to you and says they’re bored, they may just want to spend some time with you. If you’re doing chores like folding laundry, ask them to help. If you have the time, read a book together, play outside, go swimming, or visit a museum. 

Although it’s great to engage with your kids, it’s also important to remember you’re not there to entertain them 24/7. Making sure they have plenty of art supplies, costumes for dress-up and creative play, and anything else they may be interested in. Signing them up for activities like music lessons or sports can also be helpful, but be careful you’re not filling their days up too much. 

Sometimes, when kids say they’re bored, they’re really looking for stimulation and challenges. Make sure they have toys, puzzles and books and they’re getting enough exercise. If they’re old enough, send them outside to play and explore. 

How Family Therapy Can Combat Child Boredom

Family therapy can help you understand the importance of letting your child be who they are and bring you closer together. It will give you the tools to effectively communicate with your children and spur them to be resourceful and self-sufficient. Contact a therapist at Kayenta to schedule a session today.