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Common Relationship Problems Couples Therapy in Las Vegas Can Help With

Something is wrong in your relationship and you cannot figure out what it is. Or you may know exactly what it is, but can never get it resolved. When it comes to couples therapy, Las Vegas counselors know most problems boil down to a few things.
Let’s look at a few of the most common relationship problems and how couples counseling can help.

Life Stages and Changes

A spouse is retiring. The last kid is going off to college. One partner makes a major career change. All of these are life stages and changes which can cause stress in any relationship. Relationship counseling can help spouses or partners stay connected during these transitions and teach them how to communicate even in the most stressful times.


How to manage money is one of the most common reasons couples come in for therapy. When both partners have different ideas on how to manage money, it can drive them apart. While couples therapy cannot solve all financial problems, it can help couples learn how to communicate and negotiate their way to mutually satisfying solutions.

Parenting Conflicts

Parents don’t always agree on how to raise or guide their children through life. Conflicts can arise which drive the parents apart. This has a negative effect on their relationship and on how the children perceive the parents. The good news is parenting is not a competition. Therapy can help partners work through parenting conflicts and develop strategies for handling conflicts in the future.

In-Law Problems

This is a bit of a cliché, but in-law problems are actually quite common in troubled couples. One partner may always side with their parents, against the other partner. Or, the in-laws are too involved with the couple or the family unit. In couples therapy, both partners will learn how to support each other and manage extended family involvement.

Intimacy Problems

Intimacy is not the same as sex, though sex is definitely part of couples’ intimacy. Intimacy is the closeness couples share. It includes close familiarity and friendship. When intimacy is not there, it can damage the emotional connections between couples. A trained therapist can help spouses reconnect with each other on an intimate level.

Emotional Distance

Life goes by and partners grow apart. They may have emotional needs that are not met, which only makes the distance wider. Learning how to reconnect with your partner is often the goal of couples therapy. It offers a chance for both to express their needs and find resolutions to long-seated problems.

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Of course, there are other areas where a relationship can break down. That’s why seeking a therapist who can help identify the area(s) of conflict and outline solutions is important. If you and your partner are having trouble, call Kayenta Therapy at 702-438-7800 and schedule an appointment for couples therapy in Las Vegas.