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Affordable Care, Valuable Support: Student Intern Therapy

Student intern therapy at Kayenta Therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada

People often mention cost concerns as a reason for not accessing mental health care. That’s unfortunate because delaying necessary care can lead to unnecessary and prolonged suffering. Student intern therapy is a viable solution, providing affordable access to mental health services without compromising treatment quality.

The student intern therapists at Kayenta Therapy make a significant impact by offering both affordable care and much-needed support. These future professionals are bridging the gap between high-quality mental health services and community needs, helping people of all ages who seek effective, compassionate care.

Bridging the Gap: How Student Intern Therapy Makes Support Accessible

Counseling from a student intern is a great way to access mental health care, particularly for people who are uninsured. Sessions conducted by student intern therapists at Kayenta are priced to remove financial barriers, ensuring wider access to therapy. 

However, our internship program isn’t just about affordability; it’s also about providing a valuable training ground for future therapists. Our uncompromising commitment to quality care means seasoned professionals closely supervise each intern. 

Ensuring Quality Care: The Rigorous Training and Supervision of Intern Therapists

Kayenta Therapy’s diverse group of interns come from various backgrounds and are dedicated to growth and learning. They work closely with licensed and experienced AAMFT-Approved Supervisors who support their personal development while ensuring quality and excellence in therapy sessions. Other benefits are the passion and fresh perspectives interns bring to therapy, as well as their access to the latest research and evidence-based practices.

Intern-led therapy is relevant and tailored to each individual’s needs and goals, so you can be confident in the quality of treatment you receive. 

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Kayenta offers a comprehensive range of therapy treatments, including teletherapy, that ensure the services you receive are relevant, beneficial, and rewarding. Request an appointment today to get started on your path to improved mental health. 

Please note that student therapists are not licensed to provide psychiatric evaluations or medication, psychological assessment or testing, custody evaluations, expert court testimony, treatment for alcohol or substance abuse, or treatment for intimate partner violence.