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6 Ways Las Vegas Family Therapy Can Reduce Your Child’s Stress

Childhood should be a carefree time when kids don’t have to worry about much. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A large number of school-aged children experience stress. It’s detrimental for their emotional and physical well-being. If your child is stressed and needs help, Las Vegas family therapy may be the answer.

How Family Therapy Can Help a Child’s Stress

  1. It encourages your child to face their fears. Avoiding a fear actually maintains or increases stress levels. Facing a fear and dealing with it teaches a child the fear is only temporary and will go away once it’s dealt with. It also builds the child’s self-confidence, reducing stress over time.
  2. It encourages your child to express their anxiety. Family therapy offers your child the chance to express their emotions. If your child is worried or scared, let them talk about it. Never dismiss those emotions or make them less than what the child is feeling.
  3. It helps your child learn how to focus on positives instead of negatives. It is very easy for a child to get lost in negative thoughts or feelings. Family therapy can help your child focus on what is positive and good. This will teach them how to manage stress levels on their own.
  4. It teaches your child how to problem solve. One way to face a stressful situation is to come up with a solution to solve it. That doesn’t mean a parent swooping in to save the day. It means encouraging the child to come up with their own solutions, or providing options for the child to choose from.
  5. It tells your child they don’t need to be perfect. Kids feel a lot of pressure to be perfect in school, at sports, or in performance situations. That can put plenty of stress on the child. Therapy can teach both the child and the parent that perfection is not the goal. Encourage a child to work hard, but accepting their mistakes and imperfections, is the better option.
  6. It gives you the chance to model the right behaviors. Family therapy focuses on all members of the family, not just the child. Parents can learn how to handle stressful situations and model the right behavior. Kids learn by watching parents. If you’re managing stress in a healthy, positive way, so will your child.

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Stress is an ongoing challenge for anyone. But, a child may have a harder time coping due to their emotional and mental immaturity. Las Vegas family therapy can help your child learn how to face fears and express emotions appropriately. It gives you the chance to model the right behaviors so your child can too. If your child needs help managing his or her stress, contact Kayenta Therapy today at 702-438-7800.