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5 Ways to Decrease Your Anxiety With the Help of Las Vegas Therapy

Your thoughts are racing. Your chest feels tight. You’re short of breath. These are all signs your anxiety is back. Anxiety is one of the conditions most people can manage, but it takes focus and commitment to make it happen. Let’s look at five ways you can decrease your anxiety, alongside Las Vegas therapy.

1. Use Deep Breathing

During an anxiety episode, most people experience rapid breathing, which can lead to shortness of breath. Deep breathing can help calm anxiety as well as bring breathing back under control. Practicing it regularly will help you manage an anxiety attack that comes out of nowhere.

2. Adopt Good Sleeping Habits

Sleep deprivation plays havoc on the brain. It ups overall anxiety and increases the brain’s need to anticipate everything. Building good sleeping habits is one of the first steps that can help avoid these symptoms.

Go to bed at a regular time. Sleep in a dark room at a comfortable temperature. Wear ear plugs or a sleeping mask if necessary. It may take a while, but over time your body will thank you for getting to sleep.

3. Reduce Caffeine, Sugar, and Processed Food Intake

Caffeine increases the heart rate. Sugar stimulates the adrenal gland. Processed foods often contain ingredients which overstimulate the central nervous system, contributing to anxiety attacks and heart palpitations.

Eliminating these items, or at least reducing your intake, helps prevent anxiety symptoms.<p

4. Exercise

Therapy professionals recommend regular, vigorous exercise to their anxiety patients. Exercise fires up the endorphins, which helps give them a sense of calm. It can help clear the mind and also promote healthy sleep patterns.

Go out for a 20-minute walk. Take a yoga or aerobics class. Take a bike ride in the evening or early morning.

5. Get Routine Medical Exams

Ask the doctor if you might have a condition or be using a medication which might increase your anxiety levels

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Anxiety does not have to rule your life. With the help of Las Vegas therapy and some of these coping strategies, you can reduce your anxiety and learn how to manage life without the panicky feelings that crop up unexpectedly. If you need help controlling your anxiety, call Kayenta Therapy at 702-438-7800 to schedule an appointment with a licensed therapist today