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Low-Cost Therapy in Las Vegas

It’s a reality many people grapple with every day: they want and need the help of a therapist but can’t afford to pay for the therapist’s services.

It’s also a reality the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has tracked for years. Most recently, it found “nearly half of the 5.3 million American adults who perceived the need for, but did not receive mental health care, reported they did not receive it because they could not afford the cost of it. A total of 11.8 million Americans reported they had an unmet need for additional mental health services.”

Kayenta Therapy is more than attuned to this reality; and is responding by offering low-cost therapy in Las Vegas for only $40 per session. With four pre-paid sessions, Kayenta makes the offer even more enticing by extending a $20 discount making it only $100 total.

Cost is a huge impediment

You might be like many Americans who cannot afford mental health treatment, even if you carry insurance. Research by SAMHSA underscores this unfortunate reality – and in striking terms.

For example, one study found that 45.6 million Americans age 18 and up suffered from a mental illness. This finding alone is significant since they represent nearly 20 percent of the adult population. And the news got worse: less than 40 percent who ascertained a need for treatment actually sought it. Their reasons:

Kayenta makes low-cost therapy in Las Vegas a new reality

Kayenta Therapy has made a commitment to offering low-cost therapy in Las Vegas through its Legacy Program. Graduate students from five universities work under the direction of a licensed and experienced supervisor and are held to the highest ethical standards, honesty, integrity and transparency in all they do. The supervisor fosters personal development in the graduate student therapists while ensuring quality and excellence in the therapy sessions.

The sessions are part of the graduate students’ clinical “capstone experience” – a graduate school distinction indicates they have completed their classroom requirements and are ready to embark on their own counseling careers. In many ways, their capstone experience at Kayenta is similar to the residency aspiring physicians fulfill at a hospital before graduating from medical school.

The graduate students’ schooling has prepared them well to address a variety of issues in Kayenta therapy sessions, including:

The graduate student therapists at Kayenta work with people of all genders and sexual orientations. And there are English and Spanish speaking graduate student therapists available, too.

You can discover how Kayenta has made low-cost therapy in Las Vegas a new reality when you call 702-438-7800. Make an appointment with a graduate student therapist – and begin to forge a new and healthier reality for yourself.