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Family Therapy Tips to Help Your Children Cope with Tragedy

Children are often left confused and scared after a loss or frightening event. They may wonder if they are safe or if something could happen again to someone they love, and the anxiety can start to spread into other areas of their lives. These thoughts and feelings are all normal and responding to them with […]

How Therapy Actually Works

While therapy is a unique experience for everyone, knowing what to expect can be helpful for those who are still thinking about trying a Las Vegas therapy session. Here are a few common misconceptions, along with what you can expect. 1. The Eureka Moment Movies and TV shows often portray patients as having a sudden […]

How a Counselor Can Help You Maintain Motivation When Suffering Depression

Motivation is what keeps us going, even when we feel the odds are stacked against us. It’s the inner voice that says, “Don’t give up, you’re almost there.” What about when life’s obstacles appear to block our path to success? Staying motivated can be difficult in the best of times. If you’re dealing with depression, […]

Tips from Family Therapists on Managing Work Stress and Home Life

Work-life balance is described as the ability to find harmony between the day-to-day responsibilities at work and the precious hours you spend off the clock. It’s easier said than done. A recent study revealed that up to 60 percent of all Americans have an unhealthy work-life balance, which is no way to live. So how […]

8 Signs It’s time to See a Counselor

Whether it’s one particular area of your life, or the combination of everything together, therapy is something everyone can access to get the tools and the skills needed to live a stronger life. Most people think you need a specific mental illness to benefit from therapy. The truth is that stress, anxiety, or even just […]

6 Reasons Therapists Encourage You to Try Talk Therapy

Some people believe talk therapy is for those who have no one else to talk to, or for those who are unable to successfully deal with their own problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. Talk therapy emphasizes the importance of a patient speaking to a therapist to express and resolve different issues in […]

Common Relationship Problems Couples Therapy in Las Vegas Can Help With

Something is wrong in your relationship and you cannot figure out what it is. Or you may know exactly what it is, but can never get it resolved. When it comes to couples therapy, Las Vegas counselors know most problems boil down to a few things. Let’s look at a few of the most common […]

5 Ways to Decrease Your Anxiety With the Help of Las Vegas Therapy

Your thoughts are racing. Your chest feels tight. You’re short of breath. These are all signs your anxiety is back. Anxiety is one of the conditions most people can manage, but it takes focus and commitment to make it happen. Let’s look at five ways you can decrease your anxiety, alongside Las Vegas therapy. 1. […]

6 Ways Las Vegas Family Therapy Can Reduce Your Child’s Stress

Childhood should be a carefree time when kids don’t have to worry about much. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A large number of school-aged children experience stress. It’s detrimental for their emotional and physical well-being. If your child is stressed and needs help, Las Vegas family therapy may be the answer. How Family Therapy […]

Solve Relationship Conflicts with Marriage Counseling
in Las Vegas

Conflicts happen, when two people are in an intimate relationship. They can be as minor as deciding what’s for dinner and as major as determining whether to have children or not. Spouses who communicate well and work together to resolve issues can work through most any conflict. However, when one or both spouses lack the […]

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